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3 Tips for Storing Wooden Furniture September 6, 2019

3 Tips for Storing Wooden Furniture, Kalispell, Montana

Wooden furniture has a timeless quality that can last generations with proper care. If you’re moving pieces into self-storage for the short- or long-term, it’s important you stick to a few rules. These rules will ensure your pieces are stored safely and look beautiful when you’re ready to use them again.

How to Storing Wooden Furniture

1. Dedicate a Space

Before you begin loading your self-storage unit, dedicate a space for the wooden furniture. Ideally, this will be toward the back since it won’t be immediately needed. Keep a clear space several inches around it, so boxes and other items that may scratch it aren’t touched. This includes space between the furniture and wall. Also, never stack anything on it, as boxes with sharp edges could scratch the furniture’s surface.

2. Treat It

self-storageYou don’t want the furniture to dry out or deteriorate due to humidity, so clean and treat it before storing. You can use wood furniture polish to hydrate and prevent cracking. For added protection, hire a professional to re-seal the pieces to keep moisture out. If you’re storing for the long-term, make sure to periodically check on your unit to ensure moisture levels remain low. 

3. Cover & Raise

To further prevent scratching and damage, cover the furniture in heavy blankets. Many self-storage facilities offer the specialized packing products you’ll need. Add pads to cover the bottoms and sides of wood legs. Once in the unit, carefully place the furniture on a pallet or wide, stable surface so it will be protected against leaking water or flooding.



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