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Why Student Athletes Need Sports Physicals August 12, 2019

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Why Student Athletes Need Sports Physicals, Anchorage, Alaska

As the end of the summer approaches, you may be getting your child ready for school. If they are an athlete, don’t forget to schedule a sports physical to ensure their activity won’t compromise their health. Required by many schools before enrolling in athletic groups, this exam evaluates the overall health of a person to recommend any necessary changes. If you’re unfamiliar with this type of evaluation, here’s a guide to how it’ll help your young athlete stay safe on the court or field.

Why Are Sports Physicals Important for Children?

They Provide the Whole Picture

Similar to a standard annual wellness exam, a sports physical records your height, weight, breathing ability, vision, heart rate, and blood pressure. This information is useful for understanding how your child’s body is growing and changing, as well as how these changes may impact their performance.

The exam will also screen for common health problems like asthma, which may interfere with one’s ability to stay active. If necessary, your child’s doctor may prescribe treatments to minimize the risks that these health problems present.

They Help Prevent Sports Injuries

physicalDuring the physical, the doctor will review your child’s musculoskeletal system to figure out how the mechanics of their activity may alter their health. If there is an issue with the patient’s flexibility, muscular strength, or bone health, they’ll recommend steps like stretching and muscle building to help your little one prevent sports injuries like ankle sprains and the tennis elbow. They may also suggest the use of special devices, including knee braces or custom orthotics, to better support the body during activity.

They Offer Solutions to Improve Performance

When conducting a sports physical, the physician reviews the athlete’s lifestyle and identifies ways it may impact their fitness. For instance, they may discuss how smoking or vaping affects the respiratory system, interfering with activities that require running and stamina. They might also offer nutritional tips to help them maintain a healthy weight and energy level.  


Understanding how busy life can be for student athletes, Patients First Medical Clinic is committed to providing comprehensive and convenient sports physicals in Anchorage, AK. Backed with advanced tools and techniques, this family doctor will review all aspects of your child’s health and address potential problems to help them stay safe during activities. This medical clinic also provides urgent care and accepts walk-ins. Visit them online to learn more about their services or call (907) 333-7425 to schedule an appointment.  

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