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4 Common Causes of RV Accidents and How to Prevent Them August 26, 2019

Lincoln, Lancaster
4 Common Causes of RV Accidents and How to Prevent Them, Lincoln, Nebraska

As more people pack up their RVs and take off for exciting adventures, the highways become more congested. Unfortunately, these larger mobile vessels can cause costly and deadly accidents. There are several proactive steps to take to avoid these road mishaps. Below, collision repair technicians share the most common accidents and how to prevent them.

4 Types of RV Accidents

1. Overloading

It is tempting to haul large amounts of cargo inside your RV. Unfortunately, this extra weight causes overloading, which can flip you into other vehicles. Take the time to weigh your RV at truck stops that provide weight scales. Knowing this crucial figure will prevent overloading. Keep in mind that overloading is illegal and your insurance company will not process your claim if the condition caused an accident. 

2. Rollovers

Unlike most standard collision repairvehicles, RVs have a higher center of gravity. Collision repair specialists say this configuration can lead to a rollover, especially if speeding is involved. To avoid this dangerous outcome, maintain a speed limit of no more than 60 mph. Drive slower during inclement weather and around bends too.

3. Improper Trailer Attachments

Many drivers use their RVs to tow another car, ATV, fishing boat, or another vehicle. If you hitch these improperly, they will detach and hit surrounding cars. The outcome can be deadly on a busy highway and lead to multiple collision repairs. You should ensure vehicles have a secure connection to your RV before driving. If you don’t know how to connect the towing hitch, ask a technician at an RV service shop for instructions and assistance. 

4. Improper Braking

Given the size of an RV, it takes longer to brake to avoid hitting another vehicle or structure. Unfortunately, some drivers delay applying the brakes, which propels the RV’s weight towards whatever is in front of them. Remain in the slow lane on roads and highways and maintain sufficient distance between vehicles. Always have ample space to brake and avoid a collision safely.


Since 1966, Stephenson Truck Repair in Lincoln, NE, has provided expert services on a wide range of RV makes and models. The team of collision repair technicians at the family-owned facility gets the job done right the first time. From professional, restorative care using state-of-the-art equipment to 24-hour emergency assistance, count on this facility to get your RV back on the road. For a free estimate, call (402) 466-8532. You can also go online for details about other available body shop services. 

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