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5 Different Types of Fuel January 15, 2020

Palmyra, Wayne
5 Different Types of Fuel, Palmyra, New York

You’re probably familiar with the various types of gasoline and diesel regularly offered at gas stations, but these aren’t the only types of fuels used to power vehicles and heat homes. Here are five distinct types of vehicle fuels and their advantages.

5 Advantages of Different Fuel Types in Use Today

1. Gasoline

Gasoline's high combustibility gives it many advantages, including superior acceleration and quick and easy vehicle startup. Gasoline can also be efficient at heating a home or business and more affordable than other options.  

2. Off-Road Diesel

DieselOff-road diesel is a fuel used by construction vehicles, tractors, harvesters, and many other kinds of vehicles and equipment that aren’t used on roads or highways in the United States. This fuel is usually dyed red to indicate that it’s not subject to normal fuel taxes. It has the same advantages of clear diesel, but since it’s less processed and contains more sulfur than its on-road variant, it will typically lubricate engine components better, and the energy density is greater.

3. Clear Diesel

Clear diesel, sometimes known as on-road diesel, comes with an array of benefits for the vehicles it powers. It’s highly efficient and produces greater torque. Generally speaking, diesel engines generally require less maintenance. Next to gasoline, this is the most common type of vehicle fuel.

4. Propane

Compared to other types of fuels, propane has two major advantages. First, it’s relatively inexpensive and cost-effective due to the amount of power produced. Second, the use of propane emits fewer toxins than gasoline or diesel, making it an environmentally safe choice to heat homes or use in vehicles. 

5. Kerosene

Kerosene is used for heating homes and businesses. It’s best used in areas with extreme temperatures where other fuel sources may freeze in the outside tank. 


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