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5 Signs You Need an Oil Change September 6, 2019

Chillicothe, Ross
5 Signs You Need an Oil Change, Chillicothe, Ohio

Oil changes are an essential part of car engine maintenance. The oil cools the engine and eases friction between its moving parts. Without this help, the engine would seize, causing severe engine damage. Watch for these signs to tell when you need to change your oil.

How to Tell If You Need to Visit a Mechanic

1. Lower Gas Mileage

Oil's lubricating effects help an engine run smoothly and efficiently. Without it, the engine's parts work against each other, and not as much of the power makes it to the wheels. The engine has to work harder and burn more fuel to go the same distance.

2. Shaking When Idling

The excess friction in a poorly lubricated engine also creates vibrations. Parts grind together roughly with every engine cycle. You may be able to feel this through the floor or seat of the car when idling.

3. Gritty Oil

Oil ChangesWhen you check the level of oil in your engine, note its appearance. Oil gets darker and thinner the older it is and it will begin to accumulate small flakes and particles. The more of these there are, the more lubricating power the oil loses.

4. Oil Smell

It's normal to smell a little oil if you're working under the hood. However, you should not be able to smell it inside the car. This can indicate a spill or another problem with the oil supply.

5. Exhaust Smoke

Your exhaust should not be visible. If you can see greasy black smoke, this is likely caused by burning oil and excess engine heat from friction. Scorched oil can't do its job, so you need an oil change urgently.


If you're due for an oil change, visit Muffler Brothers in Chillicothe, OH. Serving Ross County, this family-owned and -operated franchise provides friendly and affordable service with almost 20 years of experience. To make an appointment, call (740) 772-1890 or get in touch online.