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Why Developing Kids Shouldn’t Be Left Alone August 30, 2019

Rosedale, Queens
Why Developing Kids Shouldn’t Be Left Alone, Queens, New York

All parents want the best for their children, but many are not able to provide constant care on their own. Kids who are still developing should not be left to fend for themselves for any significant period of time. Enrolling them in after-school programs or childcare centers can help them flourish even when you’re not able to be by their side. Below, learn the ways that lack of childcare can impact your kids. 

Reduced Safety

Lack of supervision at home can be dangerous even for children who are school-aged and smart enough to avoid immediate hazards. They may be more likely to take part in risky behaviors, from tampering in the medicine cabinet to accessing sharp tools around the house. Additionally, they might not be able to react quickly enough or handle an emergency, such as a fire or intrusion. 

Impact on Mental Health

after school programsIf children are left alone for long periods of time, it can be frightening and cause feelings of neglect. They may start to develop bad habits like overeating, relying on television, and challenging authority. Being around people gives them a sense of security and helps them feel more confident, well-adjusted, and social. If your children are placed in after-school programs, they can overcome loneliness and learn healthy interdependence. 

Decreased Development

Without proper supervision and involvement, kids don’t have access to the educational and social opportunities that will help them fully develop. In after-school programs, children will receive exercise and nurtured interactions by running around and playing with other kids. They also have access to adults who can help them with their homework or answer any questions. Being around other kids will help them to develop friendships and vital social skills that they’ll use throughout the rest of their lives.


If you’re looking for after-school programs for your kids, contact Lov-In Hands Daycare. Serving Rosedale, NY and the Queens area, this childcare center offers preschool programs, babysitting, and learning programs for developing children. With 22 years of experience, the team is dedicated to providing quality care and learning opportunities for kids. They also provide licensed teachers for their pre-kindergarten programs, meals, and pick-up and drop-off services. Call (718) 723-0324 to inquire about after-school programs for your kids, and visit them online for additional information on their services. 

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