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5 Keys to an Effective Marketing Strategy From Laux Consulting Group September 7, 2015

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5 Keys to an Effective Marketing Strategy From Laux Consulting Group, Anchorage, Alaska

Every business needs and deserves an exceptional marketing strategy. Not only does marketing help to spread the word about your business, it directly affects your bottom line and helps increase your profit margin. Especially in the age of content marketing, a well-planned marketing strategy has never been more important. If you’re struggling with your marketing, call Laux Consulting Group, Inc. for an expert consultant with over 11 years in the business.

So what are the 5 keys to an effective marketing strategy from Laux Consulting Group?

  1. Define Your Product Or Service: If you want to market your company effectively, you need to know what you’re offering and why it is better than your competitors. Marketing is all about illustrating how you stand out in the crowd.
  2. Identify Your Target Market: Once you know your service, you need to know who wants to buy it. Is your company B2B, B2C or both? Then, once you know that, what specifically interests your customers?
  3. Know Your Competition: You don’t need to know your competition so that you can copy their work. You need to know your competition so you can figure out how to work around their goals to better serve the same subsection of the industry, or create your own niche.
  4. Find Your Niche: Now that you know your service and your audience, you need to figure out how your company fits into your niche. It’s about finding the unique area that you can serve where no one else is currently working.

  5. Outline Your Goals: Every marketing strategy should roll back to your specific company goals. It’s not enough to set up a marketing strategy with no end goal in sight. Do you want to sell more product, drive awareness, set your company up as a thought leader, increase your service/product reviews, etc? When you choose Laux Consulting Group to complete your marketing strategy, you can rest easy knowing that your marketing will match your goals.

Marketing isn’t easy, and sometimes the best thing you can do for your business is to bring in an outside perspective. When you need more than a marketing strategy, Laux Consulting Group, Inc. is also available to help with project management, staffing solutions and financial management as well. Give Laux Consulting a call today at (907) 227-8859 or visit their website to learn how they can help improve every facet of your organization.

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