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How Do Locks Work? August 23, 2019

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How Do Locks Work?, Terryville, New York

You don’t have to be a locksmith to understand how locks work. There are many different models of lock in common use, and knowing more about their functions and features can help you decide which locks are right for your home or business. Here are three of the most popular lock choices and how they work.

How Modern Locks Work

1. Mechanical Lock

The mechanical lock is one of the most common locks in use and is popular for its simple design and affordability. It uses a series of metal tumblers and latches which fall into a slot when locked, preventing the door from being opened. They then pull out of the slot when the door is unlocked.

2. Electronic Lock

locksmithElectronic locks can be opened using a code, key, or combination of the two. When unlocked, a bolt retracts from inside the wall back to the door, making it possible to go inside. These devices are especially useful because they can be unlocked remotely using mobile devices via Bluetooth connection. They can also be paired with a home security system, so any jarring of the lock and its bolt will trigger an alert to the building’s owner. Locksmiths recommend these to protect valuables, whether in a commercial or residential setting.

3. Side-Locking Bar Mechanism

An offering from the lock manufacturer Kwikset®, locksmiths recommend this as an advancement from the well-known pin and tumbler option. To resist lock bumping and drilling, this lock is built with a pair of steel balls inserted in the front of the key face, providing greater protection than its predecessor. 



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