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How to Counter the Effects of Sitting All Day August 16, 2019

Nyack, Rockland County
How to Counter the Effects of Sitting All Day, Nyack, New York

If you work at an office job that is tied to phones and computers, you can spend over eight hours each day sitting. Individuals who sit for long periods of time at work are less active, and in turn, more likely to have chronic health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. To counteract these issues, you can make changes to your routine and embrace holistic treatments like acupuncture to reduce neck and back pain. Below, find methods to keep yourself active and healthy. 

Take Breaks & Exercise 

Incorporating movement and physical activity into your day is crucial when your job requires frequent sitting. You should take breaks each hour to stretch your legs and walk around the office. You could also consider visiting a gym after work for cardiovascular exercise. This can improve blood flow and elevate your mood. If you live close to your office, walking or biking to work is a positive way to incorporate exercise into your routine. By doing so, you are reducing your odds of weight gain and heart problems. 

Maintain Good Posture 

When sitting down, maintain proper posture to avoid back pain, neck aches, and eye strain. Focus on having a strong, upright posture, keeping both feet planted on the ground with knees at a 90-degree angle. Move your chair to a height that doesn’t require straining or leaning to see your computer screen. Many people opt for a standing desk, which allows you a break from sitting. You can also bring along a pillow for lower back support, and ergonomic pads to keep your wrists straight when typing.

Seek a Holistic Approach 

AcupunctureBeyond making these adjustments to your daily regimen, consider visiting an acupuncturist on a routine basis. Acupuncture is an alternative medicine that includes inserting thin needles into particular pressure points on the body to restore balance. Studies have found that acupuncture can help mediate neck and back pain, soothe carpal tunnel syndrome in wrists, reduce headaches, and relieve stress. By incorporating this holistic treatment option into your self-care plan, you’ll have another way to combat the negative impact of a sedentary lifestyle. 


If you’re looking for an acupuncture specialist to help you manage the impact of sitting all day in a holistic manner, call Marie Gonzales, L.Ac. For over 20 years, this practice has provided Nyack, NY, and the surrounding area with an alternative and personalized approach. Call (845) 398-1312 to schedule an appointment or visit their website for more information on their services. 

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