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3 Tips for Becoming a Successful Medical Assistant October 22, 2019

Elmsford, Westchester
3 Tips for Becoming a Successful Medical Assistant, Elmsford, New York

Going to school to become a clinical medical assistant gives you the chance to work closely with patients, helping them with everything from gathering their medical history to assisting the physicians who oversee their care. However, to succeed in the field, it’s important to focus on going the extra mile. Here are a few tips for thriving in this career. 

A Guide to Becoming an Excellent Clinical Medical Assistant

1. Learn to Document Clearly

A big part of the job is gathering medical histories and listening to patients. However, this information can be lost if you don’t document it properly, so work on your listening and writing skills. When meeting with patients, focus on listening rather than talking about your own agenda, and ask open-ended questions to give the patient the chance to speak their mind. While you are in school, pay close attention to any documentation guidelines, and ask the doctor you work for after school about their personal documentation preferences. 

2. Anticipate the Patients’ Needs 

clinical medical assistantLearn to anticipate each patient’s needs and offer solutions proactively. For instance, could your patient use a pillow or a magazine while they wait? Could a warm blanket help a patient manage their symptoms during a treatment? Always be on the lookout for ways to help others. 

3. Be Respectful

Professionalism matters, so be kind and respectful to your colleagues. Take their needs and preferences into consideration, and always use a professional tone when communicating. Avoid cursing or using too much slang, Further, if you are assisting a doctor with a procedure and they prefer the tools to be set up in a specific way, do your best to memorize their preferences so they can work efficiently.


If you are thinking about becoming a clinical medical assistant, contact Westchester School for Dental Assistants. From dental assisting to mastering the art of medical assisting, they offer flexible, fun, and rewarding opportunities to enter the health care field and polish your skills. Find out more about becoming a clinical medical assistant by visiting their website or calling (914) 682-9001.