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4 Things to Consider When Selecting Kitchen Cabinets August 29, 2019

Rochester, Monroe
4 Things to Consider When Selecting Kitchen Cabinets, Rochester, New York

Kitchen cabinets offer beauty, charm, and functionality. Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling your current space, installing the right cupboards and drawers can increase storage and help your kitchen look its best. Use these four tips to guide your decision as you look for the perfect cabinets.

How to Pick the Best Cabinets for a Modern Kitchen

1. Quality & Durability

Cabinets should look attractive without forfeiting quality or durability. Solid wood remains a popular option for its natural beauty, and its resistance to moisture and heat makes the material long-lasting as well.

If you choose a wood set, consider complementing it with a color or finish, such as a white reflective gloss to open up a small space, or matte black paint for a minimal, contemporary look.

Metal cabinets such as stainless-steel are also an excellent choice—the durable material offers longevity and will give the room a sleek, industrial feel.

2. Storage & Organization

cabinetsWhen you’re in the market for cabinets, think about the number of items you store in your kitchen and your organizational preferences. If you cook often and need easy access to items, a Lazy Susan cabinet may be beneficial. If you can’t stand the clutter of pots, pans, and cooking utensils, choose a set with hooks to hang and organize. A spice rack and built-in drawer organizers may come in handy as well.

3. Design

As you look over cabinet designs, focus on door styles and hardware. Keep in mind that some styles and textures—like beaded and raised panels—are more difficult to clean than flat surfaces. In terms of hardware, curved barrel and linear bar styles with simple, smooth designs provide a modern look. If you’d rather go hardware-free, opt for push-to-open drawers or small cutouts in the cabinet panels instead.

4. Customization

Although commercial stock cabinets might meet your needs, working with a designer to create a custom cabinet set will ensure you get exactly what you want. On top of a beautiful design that’s specific to your wishes, a custom set is guaranteed to fit in your kitchen perfectly. You’ll also be able to choose each cabinet’s dimensions and have a say in other design elements, such as the number and height of shelves in each cupboard. 


If you need new kitchen cabinets, contact Arrow Kitchens & Bath. The family-run business has been serving clients in Monroe County, NY, for over 50 years, and they source their materials from several local manufacturers. Their designers, technicians, and architects pride themselves on their craftsmanship and artistry, and they work with each client to satisfy their unique wishes. Call (585) 670-9910 to schedule an appointment, or visit them online to learn more about their kitchen and bathroom remodeling services.

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