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6 Steps of an Oil Change Service August 9, 2019

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6 Steps of an Oil Change Service, Twin, Ohio

An oil change is a vital part of vehicle maintenance. Oil that becomes too old can damage an engine, and eventually, the engine could stop working completely. Changing the oil every 3,000 miles is recommended. Below are the main steps a technician takes during an oil change service. 

The Parts of an Oil Change Service

1. Checking the Oil Levels

During your auto service, the technician will usually start by checking the level and condition of the old oil, in case it might have done any damage. The old oil can also give your technician a clue about the overall condition of the vehicle. 

2. Draining the Oil

The old oil needs to be taken out, and the technician will begin by either jacking up the car or going into a pit beneath the vehicle. They can then remove the oil pan drain plug and allow the old oil to drain out. 

3. Replacing the Oil Filter 

oil changeAn old and clogged oil filter can be as dangerous as the old oil itself because it can no longer remove impurities. The filter should always be replaced during an oil change. Once the technician has removed the old filter, they will replace it with a new one that has been lubricated.

4. Adding New Oil

Your technician can now add new oil. They will remove the oil fill cap and put in the right kind of oil for your vehicle. One advantage to getting an oil change during your auto maintenance service, rather than trying to do it yourself, is that the technician will know exactly what kind of oil is best for your vehicle.

5. Checking for Leaks

At this point, the technician should replace the oil fill cap and get the engine running. This will allow them to check that the newly replaced oil isn’t leaking. They will then switch the engine off for a few minutes before confirming the oil is at the right level.

6. Refilling Windshield Fluid & Replacing Wipers

Once the technician has finished changing the oil, they should check other fluids in the car. This includes windshield washer fluid, and they might also suggest changing the windshield wipers at the same time.


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