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Are You Ready to Adopt a Child? August 16, 2019

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Are You Ready to Adopt a Child?, Colchester, Connecticut

Adopting a child is a major decision that will change your life forever. As such, it’s important to be sure you’re ready before starting the proceedings. However, if you’ve spoken with a family law attorney, you may have already learned that no one’s ever 100% ready to become a parent. Fortunately, there are a few guidelines you can use to determine your readiness for adoption.

How To Know You’re Ready to Adopt

Do You Meet the Minimum Requirements?

If you plan on adopting from the foster care system, you must meet the state’s minimum requirements under family law. For example, you must be at least 21 years old and pass background checks conducted by the local police and FBI. You must also complete a home study and have sufficient income to care for both yourself and the child. If you’re married, you must adopt jointly with your spouse, barring a few exceptions. 

family lawAdopting from a private agency is somewhat different. These agencies can have additional requirements regarding income, lifestyle, and family dynamic. 

Are You Prepared to Adjust Your Lifestyle?

Welcoming a new family member into the home will prompt a major transition in your life. To determine whether you’re ready to make this shift, consider both the day-to-day logistics and the long-term implications of adoption. 

For example, will the child have their own bedroom? Will you be able to shift your schedule so you can bring them to school, sports practice, and music lessons?

As for long-term implications, do you plan on starting a college fund? How many kids do you want to have? If you're planning to have biological children in the future, are you prepared to raise both children together? While the state will provide all kinds of resources to ensure the child thrives, catering to his or her needs can make it challenging to take care of other kids simultaneously. These are just some of the many aspects to consider before going through with adoption. 



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