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4 Common Air Conditioner Problems August 14, 2019

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4 Common Air Conditioner Problems, Olive Branch, Mississippi

In a busy modern life, it’s easy to take home comfort for granted. Homeowners don’t typically pay too much attention to their air conditioners until a problem arises. When it starts behaving erratically, though, it’s important to act promptly so you don’t end up dealing with an indoor heatwave when you need cool air the most. Here are the most common reasons why your AC may experience trouble.

What Causes Common AC Issues?

1. It Stops Running

There are several reasons why the air conditioner may suddenly stop. It could be as simple as a thermostat with low batteries or a tripped circuit breaker. But in more serious cases, a faulty compressor or motor may be the culprit. Because these are such costly parts to replace, it’s sometimes more cost-effective to replace the entire unit, especially if it’s old.

2. It Cools Inefficiently

Olive Branch, MS air conditionerInefficient cooling could be due to a clogged filter that prevents proper air circulation. If this isn’t the problem, there may be a blockage in the outside unit. Inspect it for obvious debris first, such as large branches or dirt. The system could also be low on refrigerant, but it’s important to be mindful that these levels rare drop on their own; the cause is usually structural damage forcing a leak.

3. It Cycles Continuously

When the air conditioner constantly turns on and off, it expends far more energy than is necessary. This can take years off its life expectancy and lead to more frequent AC repairs in the future. Sometimes it’s a quick fix, such as dirt on the outdoor unit. The condenser can occasionally become blocked by grass and weeds, so make sure these outdoor elements aren’t creating obstructions.  

4. It Makes Noises

It’s normal to hear central air systems as they cool your home, but unusual clanking, banging, and squealing noises are cause for concern. Each of these can indicate a specific issue, such as a broken fan motor, a loose part in the compressor, or component failure. In all of these instances, an HVAC contractor will need to inspect and detect the source of the problem.


Homeowners throughout northern Mississippi trust in the highly qualified professionals at Gary Duncan Service Company to resolve their air conditioner woes. Based in Olive Branch, MS, the HVAC specialists handle everything from AC repairs to installation. They also perform heating services to ensure you remain comfortable year-round. Visit them online for information about their Trane®-certified expertise or call (662) 895-2023 to schedule an appointment.

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