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4 Common Signs You Need AC Repairs August 12, 2019

North Canton, Stark
4 Common Signs You Need AC Repairs, North Canton, Ohio

When the extreme summer temperatures are blazing away, few things are worse than your air conditioning system going on the fritz. Thankfully, you will avoid that sweaty fate by knowing about several warning signs of AC trouble ahead of time. By spotting these red flags early, you can get the assistance of a professional AC repair service right away and stay cool all season long.

How to Tell if You Need AC Repairs

1. Hot Air

One of the more obvious signs you need AC repair, warm air should never come from your cooling vents. If the problem persists after making sure the system is on cooling mode and is set lower than your home’s current temperature, you likely have a malfunctioning compressor on your hands.

2. Constant Power Cycling

Your system is bound to workac repair harder on particularly hot days, but it should never cycle on and off repeatedly. If you notice this behavior, something is wrong. A tuneup from an AC repair service will help uncover the issue, and a professional will recommend the correct repairs.

3. Leaking Moisture

There are two primary causes of moisture leaks, and both require the attention of an AC repair professional immediately. The first cause is a refrigerant leak and is the most concerning. This isn’t only a maintenance issue; refrigerant is a dangerous health hazard as well. The other cause could be a blocked or damaged drain tube that leads to the moisture buildup. Either way, the situation needs to be fixed right away so you will remain safe and comfortable.

4. Odors

You should never smell your air conditioner. If you start to sniff out some unpleasant scents, it’s time to call an AC repair service because you’re dealing with one of two issues. First, the wire insulation might’ve burned out, becoming a potential fire hazard. If the smell is mustier, however, mold is the likely culprit.


Don’t let a common AC issue lead to a hot summer day in your own home; CKP Heating & Cooling in North Canton, OH, is ready to keep you cool and comfortable. This family-owned and -operated AC repair company takes pride in delivering quick and expert repair services, no matter the problem. Even better, with 24/7 emergency service available, you’ll never be without the help you need. Visit their website for more information on the services available or call (330) 791-3029.

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