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3 Common Hydraulic System Problems & How to Fix Them August 16, 2019

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3 Common Hydraulic System Problems & How to Fix Them, St. Louis, Missouri

Hydraulic systems are popular in construction, automotive engineering, and numerous other fields. While they provide several benefits, they can also experience setbacks — some of which are confusing unless you know what to do. Here are three frequent issues and how to handle them.

Problems Hydraulic Systems May Encounter

1. Aeration

Hydraulic equipment uses special fluid. When air enters that fluid, it can cause loud banging noises during operation. Think of what it’s like to try and operate a truck without sufficient oil levels — you’d be headed for truck repair quickly. The same goes for operating hydraulic systems with fluid contaminated by air, which can damage components through lack of lubrication. The seals, hoses, and even the motor may overheat and break down. To avoid this, replace the old fluid whenever you notice abnormal banging noises or high heat concentrations.

hydraulic systems2. Cavitation

Cavitation is similar to aeration in that it affects the fluid; however, this problem occurs when there isn’t enough fluid reaching the parts that need it. With the pressure in these components exceeding the vapor pressure of the fluid, cavities of vapor form. While they won’t burn the metal like aeration, they can cause erosion that can trigger a system breakdown. To avoid this, ensure the system’s fluid levels are high enough at all times.

3. Improper Part Installation

Two parts of a hydraulic device may look the same, but that doesn’t mean they can be used interchangeably. Even if the spool length and mounting hardware look similar, the devices may be designed for different systems. If one of your system’s components isn’t working properly, check the part number. When in doubt, call the system’s manufacturer to see which piece you need.


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