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3 Ways to Unintentionally Damage Automatic Doors August 6, 2019

Waipahu, Ewa
3 Ways to Unintentionally Damage Automatic Doors, Ewa, Hawaii

Whether you run a large corporation or a small business, installing automatic doors makes entering and exiting your commercial building more convenient. But using them improperly can lead to malfunctions. To extend the life of your investments, below are a few harmful practices to avoid. 

3 Mistakes to Avoid That Damage Automatic Doors

1. Forgetting to Check Weather-Stripping

If you examine the automatic door, you’ll see a rubber seal along the frame, which keeps moisture out. Constant door movement can force the rubber lining out of position. Exposure to the elements can also cause the casing to warp or crack. A seal breakdown can lead to door malfunctions and water damage inside the building. Outside air can also get inside, leading to high cooling costs. To catch any issues as soon as they arise, routinely check the quality of weather-stripping and have it replaced when needed.

2. Placing Objects Too Close to Entrances

Waipahu-Hawaii-automatic-doorsAutomatic doors that swing open need a wide clearing, so be mindful of how you decorate entrances. If potted plants, chairs, and other objects are too close to entrances, the doors could crash into them when opening. The impact could crack the glass or jostle the frame out of alignment. Test the doors a few times after installation to see how far they extend before placing objects in the surrounding area.

3. Neglecting to Set Sensor Sensitivity

To know when to open and close, automatic doors have infrared or mat sensors that detect movement. The sensitivity settings need to be adjusted so the doors will open as someone approaches. Otherwise, people might stomp on mats or tug on the door handles. The force can damage sensors and additional hardware, so routinely check settings to make sure they’re accurate.


If you want to install automatic doors or need tune-ups for your current investments, reach out to the professionals at Automatic Door Specialists in Waipahu, HI. Certified by the American Association of Automated Door Manufacturers, their technicians have been seeing to the commercial door needs of Oahu and neighbor island business owners for over 30 years. To schedule commercial door installation or repairs, call (808) 678-8880. Visit the company’s website and Facebook page to see pictures of their products.

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