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3 Common Causes Behind a Clogged Toilet August 20, 2019

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3 Common Causes Behind a Clogged Toilet, Norwalk, Connecticut

A clogged toilet is one of the most common plumbing emergencies that homeowners deal with. While some are easy to remove with a plunger, tougher clogs can wreak havoc on your sewer system while causing an unpleasant backup. Know the most common causes of clogs so you can be proactive about preventing them.

What Clogs a Toilet?

1. Flushing the Wrong Items

The most common problem behind a clogged toilet is flushing something that should not be flushed. Common items include facial tissues, cotton swabs, condoms, dental floss, and feminine hygiene products. Since these items are not biodegradable, they will not break down. Place a garbage bin next to the toilet to prevent this issue—people should only flush toilet paper and human waste.

2. Clogged Plumbing Vents

clogged toiletYour toilet is connected to your roof vents. These vents send fresh air into the system and prevent air-pressure vacuums that stop the toilet from flushing. If the vent is clogged with an animal nest or other debris, you’ll experience an air-pressure vacuum.

3. Old Low-Flow Fixtures

Low-flow toilets are a common fixture in homes where people try to reduce their water usage. The early models of these toilets didn’t quite have the pressure to keep the internal drain and trap cleared. If your toilet is a first-generation low-flow fixture, then consider upgrading it to a modern model. This way, you can decrease clogs and improve the toilet’s functionality.



If your toilet is clogged and a plunger isn’t solving it, then it’s time to call a drain services professional. All Star Rooter, Sewer and Drain Cleaning can find the issue behind your clogged toilet and get it flushing smoothly again as soon as possible. They have been the trusted drain cleaning team for Fairfield and New Haven County, CT, for more than 30 years. Visit them online to browse their drain line cleaning services or call (203) 286-4498 to schedule an appointment.

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