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4 Dementia Care Tips for Summer September 3, 2019

Toms River, Ocean County
4 Dementia Care Tips for Summer, Toms River, New Jersey

If you’re providing elderly care to someone with dementia, you need to take many precautions to help them remain safe during the summer. Whether they’re on a quick outing away from their assisted living facility or are still living independently, individuals with dementia share many common risks during this season. To ensure you’re providing the best elderly care possible, consider the following four tips when going out during these last few weeks of summer.

Late Summer Elderly Care Tips

1. Stay Safe in the Sun

Even a few hours in the sun can take a toll on elderly individuals with dementia. When spending time outside, remember to bring plenty of water, and encourage your loved one to drink it throughout the day. Additionally, don’t skip the sunscreen. Even partly cloudy days can’t mask the sun’s rays if they’re strong.

2. Pay Attention to Schedules

elderly-careMany people with dementia experience something called sundowning, a condition in which they grow more confused and restless later in the day and early in the evening, leaving them feeling disoriented and irritable. Avoid the possibility of sundowning when planning activities this summer by scheduling activities for earlier times. Opt for early morning if you plan on being outdoors to avoid the heat, or plan afternoon events if you’ll be staying indoors.

3. Pick Activities Carefully

While summer offers several fun outdoor events, make sure they are suitable for the loved one you’re providing elderly care for. Fireworks and parades are often loud and crowded, which can make someone with dementia feel overwhelmed. Suggest watching these events on television so your family member feels comfortable, since you can adjust the volume as needed.

4. Always Carry Proper ID

If your loved one is prone to wandering or getting lost while outdoors, always make sure to have proper ID and contact information on them to make it easier to locate them. This may include a bracelet that alerts authorities to their condition or enrollment in programs like MedicAlert® and Alzheimer’s Association Safe Return®.



If you are currently providing elderly care to someone but want to find professional assistance as well, talk to the staff at Visiting Angels in Toms River, NJ. The compassionate caregivers are well-versed in assisting individuals coping with dementia and can provide the care your loved one needs. To learn more about Visiting Angels, visit them online or call (732) 240-1050.

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