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Steps for Removing Ivy From Trees August 14, 2019

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Steps for Removing Ivy From Trees, New London, North Carolina

The ivy growing on your yard’s trees might look like a charming decoration. However, these creeping vines can get out of control and be dangerous for the tree’s health. If left unaddressed, ivy can take over the trunk and branches, causing rot, blocking sunlight, and gradually suffocating the tree. The following guide will outline the key steps you should take to remove ivy from a tree as well as the role professional tree services should take. 

How to Remove Ivy From Your Tree

Cut the Base

Like most vines, ivy grows out of the ground and latches onto surfaces as it climbs upward. The first step in removing the ivy from your tree is to cut off its nutrient and water supply. Take a pair of garden sheers and carefully snip the base of each vine. You may need to use a small saw to break up thicker areas of vines. Be sure to wear gloves to protect your skin while doing so. 

Pull the Roots

Once you cut the ivy, you’ll need to pull out roots from around the tree to prevent more vines from growing. Wearing your gloves, clear an area around the base of the tree. Make sure this area is at least 2 feet in width. A tree service company will do the most thorough clearing job possible, so be sure to call a professional if you’re uncomfortable clearing the roots yourself. 

Leave & Monitor

tree servicesSince the ivy is cut off from its water and nutrient supply, it will eventually die. Monitor the tree to ensure that the ivy withers and that more vines aren’t growing. You may need to clip back more vines and pull up roots periodically, ensuring that the area is fully clear. 

Call a Professional

An expert tree service can thoroughly remove all of the ivy from the tree while protecting the health of the tree itself. If the ivy has already reached the branches or is growing thick, be sure to call a professional rather than attempting to clear the plants yourself. They have the knowledge and tools necessary to keep the tree intact and allow it to thrive. They’re also far more qualified to work above the ground safely.


If one or more of your yard’s trees are infested with ivy, call the team at H & H Tree Service. Located in New London, NC, these tree service professionals will efficiently clear the ivy while prioritizing the health of the tree. They also offer services including tree trimming, tree removal, brush removal, and pruning. You can also expect advice on how to keep your trees healthy year-round. To view a full list of their services in Stanly County, visit them online. Call (704) 463-0353 for a free estimate today. 

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