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How to Plan Your Two-Week Moving Timeline August 15, 2019

Acworth-Kennesaw, Cobb
How to Plan Your Two-Week Moving Timeline, Acworth-Kennesaw, Georgia

Moving requires a lot of work and can be overwhelming if you let it sneak up on you. Proper planning alleviates some of the moving stress—you avoid forgetting key tasks and keep a steady, easily manageable pace. Leading up to the final two weeks, you should have already secured necessary storage space, notified utility companies, filed your change of address, and made arrangements for day-of pet or child care. Once your move is two weeks away, it’s time to tackle the rest of your list. 

2-4 Weeks Before the Move 

Give yourself at least two weeks to pack, but start sooner if you have a large house, full basement, or want to avoid any last-minute packing panic. Keep valuables like jewelry and antiques separate and plan to transport them yourself. If you’re putting items in storage, pack and move those boxes ahead of moving day.  

1 Week Before the Move 

Atlanta StorageFinish packing your belongings, including a suitcase with essentials for the last few days. Confirm appointments with any professional movers or storage facilities, and start breaking down larger furniture for easy removal. Remember to keep a box of cleaning supplies handy to help get your old residence ready for the next occupants.  

Day Before the Move 

Clean out and defrost your fridge and freezer. Perform a final check of cupboards and closets to make sure nothing was missed. Dispose of any leftover food you don’t intend to take with you, and keep any move-related documents handy, including payment information.  

Moving Day 

Get up with plenty of time before the movers or other helpers are scheduled to arrive. Once all your boxes and furniture have been moved out, check each room a final time to ensure nothing was left behind. Lead the movers to your new home and sign any necessary paperwork there. 


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