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3 Ways to Keep Kids from Flushing Items Down the Toilet August 22, 2019

3 Ways to Keep Kids from Flushing Items Down the Toilet, ,

Children who are naturally curious or mischievous can get you—and your plumbing—into trouble. Toilets are the perfect height for your little one to drop items into, but one accident like that can lead to expensive plumbing repairs. If you find yourself fishing action figures out of the toilet and cleaning up water spills, consider these easy methods to childproof your toilet. 

Ways to Childproof Your Toilet and Protect Your Plumbing  

1. Lock the Toilet 

A toilet lock sits directly below the handle of every toilet and prevents young children from flushing. Your child can still drop objects into the bowl, but your plumbing is safe if they can’t flush. For added security, install a toilet lid lock to prevent anything from being dropped into the bowl in the first place. Both mechanisms are quick and easy for adults to unlock, so only your little one will be kept out. 

2. Unhook the Toilet Chain 

Key Largo PlumbingIf you unhook the toilet chain in your toilet, your child will still be able to push the handle down, but water won’t flush. To do this, all you have to do is remove the lid from the tank and unhook the chain from the lever. However, if you choose this method, make sure you leave a note on your tank so guests will know to attach the chain before using. 

3. Lock the Bathroom Door 

While your child can cause problems in the bathroom, they’re also at risk themselves. Toilet water is a drowning hazard, and there are likely harsh cleaners and hard surfaces in your bathroom. Protect your child and your plumbing with a childproof doorknob, and keep the door closed at all times so your child is only in the bathroom when supervised. Doorknob locks are inexpensive, and easy for adults and teenagers to use. 


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