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Do’s & Don’ts of Storing Electronics August 26, 2019

Amarillo, Randall
Do’s & Don’ts of Storing Electronics, Amarillo, Texas

A lot can happen to your electronics if they are not properly secured before being put into storage. Since these are often expensive items, it’s worth taking the extra time to make sure they don’t come to harm. Check out some of the advice below to keep your gadgets safe and ready to be used in the future.


Check the owner’s manual.

Consult the owner’s manual or brand website for specific information regarding the packing and storing of your electronic devices. Many manuals will suggest you use the original boxes and packaging if possible. They may also give recommendations regarding best practices for backing up any data.

Be organized.

storageThe more organized you are when packing, the easier it will be to reconnect your devices later on. Before detaching any connections, take a picture of the wiring so you know which one goes where. Box all relevant parts together and include the picture in the box. You can also keep smaller components together in a plastic bag and tape it to the larger pieces. Label the box clearly to make finding what you need easier in the future.


Leave devices exposed.

When electronics are stored out in the open, they can become susceptible to dust buildup. Dust can insulate internal components and cause the device to overheat the next time it’s used. To avoid this, keep all electronic devices in a sealed container while they are in storage. Additionally, you can wrap your electronics in anti-static foam to keep the screens protected and use filler material in the box for added insulation. Seal the boxes completely with packing tape.

Store without climate control.

Since electronics are sensitive to temperature change, you should use a climate-controlled storage unit. These units are typically kept at a consistent temperature that is above freezing and below 80 degrees, ensuring that your electronic items won’t be susceptible to damage from extreme temperatures or moisture created by high humidity. 


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