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4 Ways to Talk to Kids About Moving August 8, 2019

Maplewood, Rochester
4 Ways to Talk to Kids About Moving, Rochester, New York

If your family is relocating, it’s essential to talk your kids through this transition to avoid confusion and sadness. It’s a smart idea to discuss every step of this exciting time, from packing up your old house to the residential moving team unloading into your new space. Here are four pieces of advice to make this move as easy and stress-free as possible.

4 Tips to Help Children Understand Moving  

1. Talk About Changes

residential movingMany parents and guardians find it helpful to share with their kids exactly what will be different after the move. Point out that you will go to a new grocery store, play at different parks, and even get the mail from a new person. If possible, take a ride to your new neighborhood before the move to show your kids around and get them acquainted with the area. 

2. Share the Excitement

Share what you’re excited about during the move with your little ones so that they have aspects to look forward to. As the residential moving team packs up your home, talk about design ideas for their new bedrooms or the huge backyard. You can highlight parts of the new neighborhood like museums, parks, and restaurants.  

3. Discuss the New School

It can be daunting and overwhelming to be the new kid at school. You can help your kids feel more at home in their new academic environment by encouraging them to join clubs, try out for sports, and sit with different people at lunch to find peers they enjoy spending time with. Making new friends will ease the thought of missing friends from their previous school.

4. Be Present 

Kids may feel alone in this time of change, so it’s key to make sure they know that you’re there to support them. From offering extra homework help to hosting a party to ensure they meet all the local kids, you can provide many opportunities for growth and community building.


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