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5 Common Commercial Roof Maintenance Mistakes August 14, 2019

Wildhorse Village, Chesterfield
5 Common Commercial Roof Maintenance Mistakes, Chesterfield, Missouri

Commercial roofs that are properly installed and maintained can protect your building for over 20 years. As the first line of defense against weather, diligent roof maintenance ensures that you spend money on commercial roof repair only when necessary—and not on costly roof replacement. Consider these best practices when it comes to maintaining your commercial roof. 

Avoid These Commercial Roof Repair Mishaps 

1. Ignoring Debris 

Debris and tree branches can block gutters and attract animals looking to nest. Be sure to clear your roof of debris after major storms, inclement weather, and nearby construction. 

2. Skipping Insulation Commercial Roof Repair

Proper insulation increases the energy efficiency of your building, saving on heating and cooling costs. Insulation also prevents heat from collecting at the ceiling—which can shorten the life span of your roof. 

3. Avoiding Routine Inspections

At least twice a year, you or a roof contractor should inspect your roof and insulation for debris, water buildup, and signs of mildew or rust. If left unattended, these warning signs can lead to major issues, like leaks and sagging.

4. Procrastinating Repairs

Don’t avoid commercial roof repairs. What may seem to be a small problem can turn into a larger issue. For example, a tiny leak can expand, leading to moisture buildup and eventually to mold—which is expensive and invasive to remove. 

5. Repairing on Your Own

If you don’t choose the right supplies based on your roof’s thickness and material makeup, you could risk further damage. Plus, you may void your manufacturer’s warranty if a professional does not perform needed repairs.


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