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3 Factors to Consider When Purchasing an AC Unit August 12, 2019

New Waterford, Columbiana
3 Factors to Consider When Purchasing an AC Unit, New Waterford, Ohio

Selecting an air conditioner can be a daunting task, especially because of the expense. Fortunately, by knowing what to look for, you can quickly and easily narrow down your choices and select a system that will keep your home cool and comfortable. Here are three factors to consider when shopping for an air conditioner, with some tips about how an HVAC contractor can help. 

An Air Conditioner Buying Guide

1. Size

The single most important consideration when it comes time to select an air conditioner is the size of the unit you need. Many people may assume larger is always better, but a unit that is too big for your space will cycle on and off frequently, putting extra strain on the motor.

The U.S. Department of Energy has an easy-to-use chart that shows BTU suggestions for the square footage of your home, with adjustments for windows, cooking areas, and doors. Refer to this chart before you start shopping, and ask a professional HVAC contractor to verify your size requirements before installation. 

2. Installation Requirements 

HVAC contractorWhile traditional split air conditioners require an outdoor unit, an indoor air handler, and refrigerant lines, other types of air conditioners require far less equipment in terms of installation. For instance, ductless systems are mounted to walls and don’t require air ducts. Think about how much construction you are willing to endure, and ask an HVAC contractor for recommendations and advice. 

3. Extra Features

Some air conditioning systems are outfitted with additional features that reduce noise, vibration, and energy expenditure. As you shop for air conditioners, think about what you need from your new system and what other buyers have to say about any AC units or features you are considering.


When you are ready to upgrade your home HVAC system, turn to the HVAC contractors at NDC Heating & Cooling to find out more. Homeowners throughout the greater New Waterford, OH, area have turned to them for more than 40 years for HVAC installation and repairs because of their commitment to quality and customer service. Learn more about the business by visiting their website, or give their office a call at (330) 457-2562 to speak to the staff. 

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