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5 Belongings to Take to a Senior Rehabilitation Facility August 7, 2019

Cincinnati, Hamilton
5 Belongings to Take to a Senior Rehabilitation Facility, Cincinnati, Ohio

After an older adult experiences an injury, stroke, or surgery, they may be advised to recover in a rehabilitation facility. Although their stay in may be brief, making them feel at home will help them remain positive during recovery. If you have a loved one who’s entering a rehab center, here are some items to consider bringing for them.

5 Items to Pack for a Rehabilitation Stay

1. Comfortable Clothing

Have plenty of soft, loose-fitting clothing on hand that can be slipped into and out of with ease. Clothing with zips and elastic waistbands work well. Don’t forget to pack undergarments, pajamas, and nonslip footwear, including slippers.

2. Toiletries

Your senior will feel more at home when they have access to their preferred personal hygiene essentials. Bring brands of toothpaste, mouthwash, and deodorant that they keep at home, along with their grooming tools—a hairbrush, a nail file, and similar necessities.  

3. Personal Belongings

In addition to toiletries, don’t forget their eyeglasses, dentures, cellphone, and charger. However, leave jewelry and watches at home. Most rehabilitation centers advise against wearing earrings, necklaces, and timepieces. They can interfere with physical therapy and are easy to misplace.

4. Hobbies & Digital Devices

rehabilitationBefore and after therapy sessions, patients will have downtime. They may choose to relax by watching TV or listening to music, but readers, knitters, and puzzle solvers should take along their books, tablets, needles, and yarns.

5. Favorite Pillows & Blankets & Photos

Possessions that personalize a senior’s nightstand, bed, or chair would be welcome additions. Although the facility may provide some of these comforts, favorite pieces of personal property will keep spirits up and make any stay in rehab more cheerful.


If you’re seeking a rehabilitation facility where your senior will feel welcome and at ease, look to Mt. Washington Care Center in Cincinnati, OH. This family-owned and -operated center has been serving locals with compassionate, round-the-clock care for more than three decades. Discover what your senior can expect to experience during a stay by visiting their website, or call (513) 231-4561 to speak with a helpful team member.

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