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How to Throw a Banquet August 22, 2019

Westchester Village, Bronx
How to Throw a Banquet, Bronx, New York

Banquets are popular, as they offer opportunities for friends, families, and coworkers to get together and enjoy each other’s company. However, planning one—including the food—isn’t always easy. If you’re hosting one, use these tips when working with a catering service

3 Tips for Throwing a Banquet

1. Know the Guest List

When you get RSVPs back for a banquet event, provide both the banquet location and the catering company a total headcount. Having this number ensures that you’ve selected an appropriate space for the event. It also gives the catering company time to plan and make sure there is enough food for all the guests. Plus, it’ll make it easier for them to determine how many staff members they’ll need at the event.   

2. Meal Plan

catering serviceNot everyone at your event is going to have the same food preferences. Plan the meal ahead of time by collaborating with the catering service. One of the most common choices for a meal plan is Italian food. If you choose this option, give your guests a choice between various pasta dishes or pizza when they send back the RSVP. Also, ask if any of the guests have food allergies. If applicable, take peanut, gluten, and dairy allergies into consideration. 

3. Create a Theme

You can spice up your event by creating a theme that can inspire the cuisine. This makes it more exciting and fun for those who attend, and it will also help you narrow down your food choices. Work with the catering service to create a menu that fits the theme of the party. When choosing the theme, consider the time of year. For inspiration, check if any major holidays, such as Thanksgiving or Diwali, are coming up. 


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