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A Guide to Common Bowling Injuries & How to Prevent Them August 23, 2019

Flushing, Queens
A Guide to Common Bowling Injuries & How to Prevent Them, Queens, New York

There’s no denying that bowling is a fun time for the whole family. However, this sport does come with a risk of injuries if players aren’t careful. While the effects are usually minimal, taking the proper steps to improve form and protect your body will only increase your enjoyment of the game.

What Are Common Bowling Injuries?

One of the most common afflictions plaguing avid bowlers is carpal tunnel syndrome. This injury occurs when repetitive motion inflames the pathway surrounding the median nerve, which runs from the arm to the hand and through each finger except for the pinky. This condition causes pain, numbness, and eventually, muscle weakness.

Repetitive motion is also an issue when it comes to shoulder injuries. The actions cause soreness and stiffness, which impact the quality of your game. Thumb injuries are also quite common when bowling. “Bowler’s thumb” occurs when the thumb hole is too small and pinches the nerve inside your thumb.

How Can You Prevent Them?

Avid bowlers should always bowlingwear wrist braces, which reduce the effects of carpal tunnel by ensuring proper form on each throw. Stretching is also beneficial in this case. When stretching before a game, make sure your wrist and arm are adequately warmed up to prevent pain, stiffness, and other issues. Doing so will also help prevent shoulder injuries.

In terms of thumb injuries, finding the right size ball is crucial. The general rule is that a ball should be about 10% of your total body weight. When searching for a ball during a game, choose one that accommodates your hand without being too heavy to lift comfortably. Even better, consider purchasing a ball, so you have an appropriate fit every time you bowl. 


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