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What to Wear Back to School: High School Apparel For Your Child's Style September 4, 2015

Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
What to Wear Back to School: High School Apparel For Your Child's Style, Cincinnati, Ohio

Choose comfort when you go back to school shopping. You may find lots of great dresses, buttoned-up shirts, and classic slacks at your local department store, but back to school shopping doesn't need to focus exclusively on perfectly pressed pants and polos.

Students also love to wear clothes that they feel like they can be themselves in, showcasing their school spirit, feeling completely comfortable, and perhaps showing off their favorite teams. Sporting goods stores like Siefert's Sports Center in Cincinnati, OH, have the kinds of clothing items that let students start the school year fresh. In addition to providing sports equipment and custom team uniforms for fall sports, students of all levels of athletic ability can come into Siefert's Sports Center to find:

  • T-Shirts, Sweatshirts & Shorts: Everyone loves to dress up for the first week of school, but after that, most kids appreciate a soft t-shirt, cozy sweatshirt, or their favorite pair of lightweight shorts. Shorts and tees are especially popular during those first few weeks of school, when it's still warm outside.
  • Spirit Wear: Show off some school spirit with custom t-shirts and custom polo shirts that feature the name of your child's school. Spirit wear is also fun to wear the week of a favorite football team's big game! If there's a popular football game on Friday night, come in and order your customized clothing, made onsite to your exact specifications.
  • Gym Clothes: Headed to a workout after school, or need a specific item for your school's gym uniform? Siefert's Sports Center may be able to help you, with all kinds of athletic apparel as well as the ability to provide uniforms delivered by hand to your high school (no shipping!)

Siefert's Sports Center prides itself on their ability to provide gym clothes as well as everyday wear for students. Anyone who loves sports can appreciate a great sports t-shirt, sweatshirt, or pair of pants, and can wear these items to capture their personal style. Get in the back to school shopping spirit by calling (513) 445-4057, or visiting them online to learn more.

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