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3 Ways to Motivate Your Employees to Drink More Water September 10, 2019

Aiea, Ewa
3 Ways to Motivate Your Employees to Drink More Water, ,

Most people know how important it is to stay hydrated, but it can be challenging to consume the recommended amount of water each day. This is especially true for people who spend most of their time at work. Employees often forget to take a break from their busy schedules to grab more drinking water or may not have access to a fresh supply. As an employer, promoting hydration in the workplace should be a top priority because it can affect the happiness, health, and productivity of your team.

How to Keep Your Staff Hydrated

1. Emphasize the Benefits

Proper hydration is essential for cognition and a range of brain functions, and employees should learn how water consumption affects their health and job performance. Emphasize the importance of drinking water by creating posters that detail the advantages of proper hydration, and place them around the office. Additionally, include hydration awareness in your new hire safety training so that recruits are updated, too.

2. Add Water Dispensers

drinking waterMake sure an unlimited supply of delicious, cold water is readily available to your employees by investing in water dispensers for the workplace. Strategically place them around the office and in the break room so that they’re convenient to use. There are many sizes and types of coolers, allowing you to find the best fit for your company’s needs. Once you have your cooler, sign up for a delivery service to ensure you never run out of water.

3. Make It Easy & Enjoyable

Provide your employees with reusable water bottles to easily fill at the cooler and keep at their workstation. Consider stocking the break room with fruit and vegetables for employees who prefer something other than plain drinking water. They can use these healthy additions to make their beverage more appealing to the taste buds.


If you want to keep your employees hydrated, contact Menehune Water Company in Aiea, HI. These professionals offer quality ultra-pure drinking water and dispensers to businesses across Oahu, Maui and Kaua’i. For over 30 years, they’ve maintained a reputation for providing superior products and reliable delivery services, earning them several awards. View their options online, or call (808) 487-7777 to place an order.

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