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4 Ways to Quickly Improve Your House's Curb Appeal August 13, 2019

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4 Ways to Quickly Improve Your House's Curb Appeal, East Rochester, New York

When you place your home on the market, one thing you must focus on to attract buyers is the curb appeal. You want to make the best first impression that you can, because it will inform potential buyers’ opinions of the rest of the home. A few simple improvements like window awnings and some touch-up paint will work wonders. Below are some tips to quickly improve your home's curb appeal before a sale.

4 Quick Tips to Improve a Home's Curb Appeal

1. Add Landscaping

A few landscaping additions can dramatically improve the look of a property. Add some shrubberies beneath the windows and plant flowers around the front stoop. A paving stone walking path surrounded by plants provides charm and visual interest. Try to replace any brown spots in the lawn with healthy new sod. Add some tiered planter beds along the side of the house, and install a birdbath or fountain to create a cozy, outdoor space. The better the landscaping looks, the more buyer interest the home will engender.

2. Tidy Up

Make sure you keep the yard clear of trash and leaves and remove any dirt or debris from your window awnings. Mow and water the lawn and use an edging tool to keep it looking crisp. Dig up any dandelions and don't leave toys lying in the yard. Trim the hedges and add mulch to your garden beds for a well-kept appearance. The neater and tidier you keep the yard, the better response you'll receive.

3. Install Window & Door Awnings  

awningsWhen visitors view your home, their eyes are automatically drawn to the windows and doors. Make sure they are clean and in good shape. Consider adding window awnings and door overhangs to create visual interest. These are also functional selling points, as they provide shade on hot days and allow buyers to enjoy window ventilation in any weather. The awnings will pair well with newer, sturdier, doors that are both more attractive and secure. 

4. Paint & Repair

If the home exhibits any peeling paint or missing siding, make repair a priority. You don't want buyers to notice maintenance issues, as this might lead them to wonder if you've let other parts of the home fall apart. If there are cracks, oil stains, or potholes in the driveway, buy some concrete patch compound or hire a professional to repave. 


To boost your home's curb appeal with window awnings, contact Patio Enclosures in East Rochester, NY. They have been serving clients in and around Monroe County since 1982 and have built a reputation for excellence over the past 37 years. In addition to door and window awnings, they also specialize in retractable models. Call (585) 385-9999 to request a quote.

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