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5 Popular Metal Alloys Used in Construction August 7, 2019

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5 Popular Metal Alloys Used in Construction, Dalton, Georgia

Every major construction project requires a variety of industrial hardware to accomplish the job, so choosing what type of material to use is essential. Metal alloys are becoming increasingly popular because they combine certain metals with other naturally occurring elements, giving them better strength and durability. The following will help you understand the differences between the types of metal alloys to pick the best one for your project.

Different Types of Industrial Hardware Metal Alloys

1. Steel

Industrial HardwareAs a combination of iron, carbon, and small amounts of chromium, manganese, and vanadium, steel is a lighter but stronger option than its any of its component metals alone. This structural steel is ideal for large buildings, automotive parts, and certain appliances.

2. Stainless Steel

A variation of steel, stainless steel uses less iron and is combined with material like chromium, carbon, and nickel. It’s a useful piece of industrial hardware because of its high level of corrosion resistance. That’s why it’s used in everything from surgical instruments to industrial equipment and cookware.

3. Brass

Brass is created using copper and zinc to form a sturdy metal alloy that is incredibly versatile. It’s often used to make objects such as nuts and bolts, pipe fittings, and door locks. It also has impressive acoustic properties, which makes it a popular choice for many wind instruments.

4. Bronze

Stronger than copper and heavier than steel, bronze is crafted with a combination of mainly copper and tin. As one of the more durable metal alloys, it’s often used to create coins, decorative statues, and turbines.

5. Titanium

Titanium is stronger than aluminum, resists corrosion as well as platinum, and is very lightweight and flexible. Because of these properties, titanium can be used for something as small as jewelry and dental implants while also being utilized for boating and aerospace projects.


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