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Why Should You Focus on Strength Training? August 20, 2019

Crescent Springs, Covington
Why Should You Focus on Strength Training?, Covington, Kentucky

When you head to the gym, you may be dreading that half-hour on the treadmill or elliptical, but they shouldn’t be the only pieces of fitness equipment you engage with. Your body needs more than just cardio. To get in shape, raise your fitness level, and stay healthy, you should add strength training to your workout routine. Here are just some of the benefits of this physical activity.

3 Advantages of Strength Training

1. Increase Bone Density

Lifting weights and using weighted fitness equipment puts a healthy amount of stress on your bones as your muscles contract. Strengthening actions catalyze bone-cell formation, building up your skeletal system from the inside out. Because osteoporosis becomes more of a risk as we age, adults who increase their bone density with strength training can reduce their chance of developing brittle bones and fractures.

2. Lower Body Fat

fitness equipmentCardio is excellent for raising your heart rate and burning calories, but you can accelerate your fat-burning gains by complementing treadmill runs with strength training. The more muscle you have in your body—and the less fat—the faster you’ll burn calories when working out. A trip to the weight rack will increase your metabolism—the rate at which your body turns calories into energy.

3. Decrease the Risk of Injuries

Your muscles hold your bones and tendons in alignment so you can walk and work out without getting hurt. The weaker your muscles, the more injuries you are likely to sustain, especially when running, dancing, and moving about. In addition to keeping you safe while working out, strength training also decreases your risk of falling because stronger muscles allow for greater stability and balance.


If you’re eager to get moving with strength training, Exercise & Leisure Equipment of Cincinnati, OH, offers a wide range of gear for building muscle. From steppers and dumbbells to multistation gym sets, you can work out safely and effectively without ever leaving home. To learn more about their fitness equipment for home gyms, visit their website, or call (513) 531-7777 to speak with a member of their knowledgeable staff.

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