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3 Upkeep Tips for Crushed Stone Driveways August 2, 2019

Dixwell, New Haven
3 Upkeep Tips for Crushed Stone Driveways, New Haven, Connecticut

If you are thinking about replacing your driveway, add crushed stone to the list of possibilities. The small rocks add texture to the landscape and boost curb appeal. Although crushed stone driveways won’t crack like paved surfaces, regular care is still required. To maintain the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your investment, follow the upkeep advice outlined here. 

How to Keep Your Crushed Stone Driveway In Good Condition

1. Invest in Extra Supplies

Dogs love to dig in crushed stone, which means your pooch could scatter the rocks, creating holes where you can see the ground underneath. To refill these areas quickly, keep a bag of crushed stone in the garage or storage shed. After you spread the material on the ground, use a shovel to level and compact it. You should also line the driveway perimeter with bricks or pavers to keep the stones in place. 

2. Routinely Grade the Driveway

crushed stoneTo ensure proper drainage, use a box scraper or shovel to grade the driveway. Doing so will prevent rain runoff from washing away the stones. When grading, the peak should be in the center of the driveway to keep water from pooling.

3. Don’t Forget to Rake

The driveway should be raked each week to remove fallen leaves, twigs, and additional debris. If you wait too long to do this, debris can get embedded deeper in the driveway layers due to foot traffic and the weight of heavy vehicles. When this happens, the debris becomes harder to remove and will affect the aesthetic appeal of your property.


If you want to install a new driveway or improve your current investment, contact The L. Suzio York Hill Companies. They are the leading supplier of crushed stone in south-central Connecticut. For decades, contractors and DIYers have relied on the company for ready-mix concrete products, asphalt, and additional materials. To learn more about the inventory at their Meriden facility, call (203) 237-8421. Connect with the Wallingford branch at (203) 269-8265, and dial (203) 562-3940 for service in New Haven. You can also visit the material supply company’s website to learn more about their products.

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