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5 Signs a Senior Should Stop Driving June 25, 2020

South Bronx, Bronx
5 Signs a Senior Should Stop Driving, Bronx, New York

As people age, certain tasks may become more difficult to manage. For example, it’s common for driving to become challenging. Sometimes this is due to changes in vision, perception, or mobility. In those instances, it’s typically much safer to depend on a car service for transportation. Here are a few signs that your elderly loved should give up driving.

When Should Seniors Stop Driving?

1. Difficulty Handling Various Situations

Seniors may have difficulty handling different situations on the road. For example, they may drift into neighboring lanes instead of staying in their own, respond slowly to traffic commands, neglect to stop at signs, or become distracted by their surroundings.

2. Hitting Curbs More Frequently

Bronx, NY car serviceWhen turning the wheel and responding reflexively becomes challenging, seniors may have hit the curb more often. This could occur when they’re turning right, or when they’re backing out of a parking spot at the grocery store. If your loved one goes out primarily to run errands like these, hire a reliable car service to transport them safely.

3. Experiencing Minor Car Damage

Occasional scrapes can happen to anyone, but they may be more frequent among senior drivers. They might hit the mailbox or run over a flowerbed on their way up the driveway, or bump the garage door by mistake.

4. Neglecting to Follow Rules

An ability to follow traffic laws is imperative for drivers of all ages. If an elderly individual is unwell, generally weak, or has been diagnosed with a condition, it may be more difficult to recall and adhere to these laws while driving. This could include anything from stopping for a school bus to allowing pedestrians to cross.

5. Causing Concern to Family

It’s usually a collection of events that causes loved ones to worry about their elderly family member’s driving abilities. Having a gentle, loving, and compassionate conversation with them is key to approaching the topic the right way. You want to express that you’re concerned for their safety and that you feel they may benefit from a car service moving forward.


If you’re worried that a senior loved one can no longer drive safely, put your trust in the professionals at Metro Luxury in the Bronx, NY. Providing service throughout New York City, this car service prioritizes safety and professionalism. Whether your loved one is going to the grocery store or requires medical transportation, you can trust these professional drivers to handle the job. Visit the website or call (718) 665-4900 to learn more about their services.

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