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Top 5 Ways to Style a Belt August 8, 2019

SoHo, Manhattan
Top 5 Ways to Style a Belt, Manhattan, New York

Belts have long been considered functional fashion accessories. Typically used to create definition or tighten a pair of too-loose pants, this ubiquitous wardrobe piece can be styled in various ways. If you’re looking for ideas on how to wear that new belt, here are a few ways you can style it to make a statement.

Belt Styling Tips

1. Cinch Boxy Silhouettes

Oversized tunics, cardigans, and jackets are both trendy and comfortable. If you want to minimize the boxy look, however, you can slip a belt around your waist. For this to work, create some balance by pairing a slim belt with a voluminous piece. The effect is less overpowering and more polished than having a thicker belt.

fashion2. Transform White Outfits

Bold, colorful belts can transform the appearance of classic white clothing. If you want to add a pop of color to an all-white outfit, reach for a belt in a bright hue. Take fashion inspiration from the style of your pieces. If you’re wearing a white maxi, for example, then a gold chain belt contributes to the Grecian-influenced look. If you have on a white sleeveless shirt dress, a navy belt adds a playfully nautical finishing touch.

3. Dress Up Work Shorts

If you’re looking for a style to wear to work, dressy shorts may be a solution. To make them appropriate for a corporate setting, add a sleek belt and blazer to the mix. The effect is fashionable and put together, and you can even transition it to the after-hours by ditching the jacket. 

4. Break Up Jumpsuits

The ever-popular jumpsuit is a women’s clothing favorite for its simplicity and comfort. You can create a different look with more dimension by pairing yours with a belt. If you’re wearing a solid jumpsuit, opt for something in a contrasting color to create a bold look. If you’re wearing a pattern, pick a belt in one of the shades from the print to make it look seamless.

5. Elevate Your Denim

A pair of jeans always looks great on its own, but wearing a belt is a fun way to make it look like you put in more effort. Use the silhouette of your bottoms as your cue for selecting the belt type. For example, a low-slung black belt looks right at home with a pair of baggy jeans. Try a skinnier belt if you’re wearing boyfriend jeans to nail the proportions. 


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