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How to Revive Wilting Flower Bouquets August 7, 2019

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How to Revive Wilting Flower Bouquets , Enterprise, Alabama

Flower bouquets that beautify a home or an office should be long-lasting. If your blooms start to lose some of their bounce, a few simple techniques can help you extend the life of any arrangement.

3 Techniques for Reviving Flower Bouquets

1. Place Them in a Cool Spot

Cut flowers don’t do well in extreme temperatures. It’s best to display them in a cool place out of the sun. Avoid placing them in front of windows or too close to heating or air conditioning vents.

2. Replace Water Every Few Days

flower bouquetsFlowers need fresh water, so don’t let the water in your vase get stale. Every couple of days, empty the vase and refill it with lukewarm water. In addition, snip stems. Make a new diagonal cut on each flower whenever you change the water so that flowers get all the water they need. Diagonal cuts help flowers absorb more moisture.

3. Add Flower Food

Flowers need nutrients from glucose, not just water. To give your flowers a little extra boost and keep them from wilting, purchase a supply of flower food packets from your local florist or grocery store, then add a packet to the water as you refill a vase. Or, if you don’t have any flower food on hand, dissolve a bit of sugar in the water before rearranging the stems.


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