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4 Reasons to Have Your Home Power Washed August 1, 2019

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4 Reasons to Have Your Home Power Washed , New London, Connecticut

If the exterior of your home isn’t looking as bright as it used to, professional power-washing can make it look like new. Over the years, dirt and grime can stick to the siding, leading to damage and decreasing the value of your home. Take a look at a few reasons to schedule this appointment with a contractor. 

Why You Should Power-Wash Your Home

1. Prevents Damage

Your home’s siding takes a lot of damage throughout the seasons, building up moisture, dirt, and grime, which is not only unappealing but can also ruin the paint. Power-washing can combat these issues, so you won’t waste money fixing damaged siding down the line. 

2. Removes Allergens & Dust

Power-washing your home’s exterior can kill fungus and algae, remove allergens, and protect against harmful bacteria. Additionally, it can eliminate mildew and dust, which can grow within the walls of your home if left unchecked.  

3. Prepares Surfaces

power-washingWhether you’re planning to resurface, paint, or finish the exterior of your home, power-washing ensures a clean surface to work on. Paint will stick to the material easily, creating better, long-lasting results. 

4. Restores Value & Curb Appeal

Give your house a makeover without the cost of redoing the siding or painting. Over time, dirt buildup can make your house look older than it is. A clean slate will improve your home’s curb appeal—a big plus if you’re looking to sell soon. 


If you’re looking for professional power-washing, Harbour Painting can freshen up the exterior of your home. They’ve served the New London County, CT, for over 40 years, providing painting, remodeling, and window replacement. They are detail oriented and customer focused, working with you to make any vision come to life. Get in touch with the team at (860) 444-0705 to schedule an appointment, and visit their website to read testimonials of former customers. 

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