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3 Ways Skylights Can Increase Home Value September 3, 2019

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3 Ways Skylights Can Increase Home Value, Fairfield, Ohio

Skylights are a proven home amenity with many benefits. If you’re looking to sell or increase home value, they’re worth considering. They may be what you need to open a room up or draw buyers in, and you can expect immediate benefits following their installation. The list below highlights the reasons why this feature is beneficial.

Ways Skylights Add Value to Your Home

1. Improved Air Quality & Ventilation

Installing skylights that open is a way to introduce fresh air into your home. Likewise, when warm air rises to the ceiling, it can quickly exit, cooling the house down. This ventilation method saves energy since no electric-powered fans are required. Consider adding skylights to a family room or bedroom where prospective buyers will spend most of their time.

2. Heatingskylights

Come winter, you’ll want to keep your home warmer, and skylights can help. Multipaned versions will keep warm air in, allowing the heat from UV rays to warm rooms. This can lead to reduced energy bills, and as the savings accumulate, the skylights may begin paying for themselves. This is an attractive amenity for prospective buyers looking for an energy-efficient home.

3. Tax Credits

Energy Star® programs provide credits when you add approved features, such as skylights, to your home. So long as they’re installed on your primary residence, you can receive a credit for 10% of the product cost up to $200. The credit often cannot apply to installation fees. If you’re upgrading your home to put it on the market, this extra money is great to help with the move. 


If you’re ready to add skylights, the professionals at Ray St. Clair Roofing will handle the job. This family-owned and operated roofing contractor has served the greater Cincinnati area for over 60 years. They handle all aspects of vinyl siding installation, roof repairs and replacement, and gutter installation. They’ve built a reputation for their quality results and customer service. Call (513) 874-1234 to schedule a consultation. You can also receive news and updates by connecting on Facebook and explore their full scope of services on their website.

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