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3 Luxury Vinyl Floor Care Tips August 21, 2019

Kahului, Maui
3 Luxury Vinyl Floor Care Tips, Kahului, Hawaii

Luxury vinyl is an appealing flooring option. It’s a low-maintenance material, is comfortable to walk on, and, with regular care, will look fantastic for years. Whether you’ve recently installed new flooring or moved into a home with vinyl floors, the following practices will ensure you get the most from your investment.

How to Maintain Luxury Vinyl Floors

1. Stop Scratches From Happening

Vinyl is susceptible to scratching, so take preventative steps right away. Apply felt pads on the bottoms of couches and tables. Heavy kitchen appliances and other items can dent the floor; adding protective pads beneath will greatly reduce damage. If you need to move furniture or items on casters, always lift and set carefully rather than dragging across the floor. Area rugs in large rooms are also helpful to protect your vinyl.

2. Clean Regularlyluxury vinyl

A thin film of dust and debris can dull your floor, and can even lead to scratching, so it’s prudent to stay on top of cleaning. Ideally, sweeping or vacuuming should be done daily to remove debris. Everyday care is often much easier when you stay on top of cleaning.

3. Use the Right Cleaners

You’ll need to deep clean the floor once a week with a cleaning solution. Warm water and dish soap are often good enough to get the job done—gentler cleaners are better. Waxes, chemicals, and liquid-heavy cleaners can damage your luxury vinyl, possibly causing it to warp if the cleaner seeps between the seams.


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