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How to Maintain Your Metal Roof August 7, 2019

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How to Maintain Your Metal Roof, Kodiak Station, Alaska

If your home features a metal roof, you can rest easy knowing the material will withstand whatever the weather has in store. However, while incredibly durable, roofing contractors still urge homeowners to prioritize maintenance for their homes’ protective coverings. If you’re wondering how to make your metal roof even stronger, take advantage of these three tips.

3 Ways to Maintain Your Home’s Metal Roof

1. Prevent Debris From Accumulating

Throughout the year, debris will accumulate on your roof, from dead leaves and broken twigs to windswept toys and construction materials. While this is normal, you should still remove buildup as often as you can. Debris can slide off your roof and fall into your gutters, creating clogs and standing water, possibly resulting in roof leaks, pest infestations, mold growth, and other issues. Cleaning off debris will also prevent stubborn leaves and moss from discoloring your metal roofing panels.

2. Have a Roofing Contractor Inspect the Fasteners

roofing contractorWhile this task isn’t safe for most homeowners to complete on their own, you should hire a professional to check for loose fasteners. These tiny, screw-like components secure the metal roofing panels to the framing underneath. Over time—due to age or temperature fluctuations—they can become loose, leaving space for wind to slip in and diminish their hold on the panels. Luckily, a skilled roofing contractor can quickly determine which fasteners are loose and screw them tight without damaging your roof.

3. Don’t Walk on It

If you’re not a professional roofing contractor, you shouldn’t get up on a sloped roof. This is especially important for people with metal roofs, both because of the risk of falling and the potential for damage. While they won’t flake off in parts like shingles, metal panels are vulnerable to dents and dings from heavy loads or blows—such as hail, or your body weight. Plus, since the smooth, metallic surface reflects the light, these flaws will be all the more visible.


If you want to take better care of your metal roof, contact the roofing contractors at Bernie Brothers. They help property owners in Kodiak, AK, and the surrounding areas with a wide range of exterior finishes, from roofing and siding to doors and windows. Visit them online to learn more about their services and call (907) 481-3900 to schedule a free estimate.

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