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5 Signs Your Well Water Pump Is Failing August 7, 2019

Lovington, Lea
5 Signs Your Well Water Pump Is Failing, Lovington, New Mexico

A private well system can be preferable to using a municipal water source, as it often means lower water bills and a more reliable water source. However, it also means you have to stay on top of well pump maintenance. Without proper maintenance, a damaged well pump can lead to a loss of water, inconveniencing you and your family’s daily routines. Take a look at a few tell-tale signs of water pump failure to catch early.  

What Are the Signs of Water Pump Failure?

1. No Water Flow

The most obvious sign is a lack of water coming from the well. Sometimes this happens if the circuit breaker was tripped, so you may have to turn the breaker back on. Other times, it’s because your well has run dry. But if neither is the case, you may need to replace an old water pump. 

2. The Pump Won’t Stop Running

If your pump is continuously running, the pressure tank may not be working properly, or the well pump is not drawing enough water to fill up the tank. 

3. Cloudy or Poor Tasting Water

If your water looks murky or muddy, the pump can’t filter out silt when it’s pumping water to the surface. The friction from this buildup of silt and sand damages the water pump. If your water tastes different, the pipes may be corroded with bacteria and waste contamination. 

4. Short Cycling   

well pumpIf the well pump is running for under a minute before cutting off, it’s short cycling. If there isn’t enough air in the well pump system, the pressure tank becomes waterlogged. This could be due to a dirty or leaking air control valve or a faulty or clogged pressure control switch.

5. High Electric Bills

If your utility bills are increasing every month and there isn’t a reason to justify it, a defective well pump may be to blame. Bacteria or silt could blocked it, forcing the pump to overcompensate to draw water up to the tank. The pressure switch might need to be fixed or replaced as well.


If you’ve noticed your well pump isn’t working as efficiently as it should, Kandy Kane Water Well in Lovington, New Mexico can diagnosis the problem. Providing the highest quality service, they do everything from well drilling repairs and replacements to maintenance of pumps and pressure tanks. Give them a call at (575) 390-1017 to get in touch with one of their expert technicians, or visit their website to see the full extent of their services.