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3 Benefits of Criminal Record Expungement September 10, 2019

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3 Benefits of Criminal Record Expungement, Cincinnati, Ohio

If you’ve been convicted of a crime, your criminal record can negatively impact your opportunities and standing within your local community.  However, by petitioning for criminal record expungement, you can essentially seal or wipe away your past convictions. This option is available for individuals who have completed probation and all court-ordered fines or community service with no pending cases in the pipeline. The individual would then change a previous guilty plea to “not guilty” and have a judge retroactively dismiss the case. Here are a few reasons to explore expungement with the help of a defense attorney.  

Why Petition for Criminal Record Expungement?

1.. Qualify for Federal Student Aid

Individuals with a criminal record can be denied federal student aid for college tuition. However, this is not the case once your record has been expunged. As such, you’ll have the opportunity to further your education and set yourself up for success. 

2. Improve Job Prospects

expungementMost job applications ask whether you’ve ever been convicted of a crime. You must legally answer “yes” to this question and detail the situation to potential employers. Once your request for expungement has been approved, however, you can legally answer “no” to this question, increasing your chances of employment. 

3. Find Housing Opportunities

When searching for a new apartment or house to rent, landlords often run a background check along with your rental application. Once you’ve gone through the expungement process, you won’t have to worry about old mistakes limiting your housing options. 


If you’re based in or around Cincinnati, OH, and you’re looking for a dedicated defense attorney that can assist with expungement, contact James F. Bogen, Attorney at Law. For more information on this juvenile delinquency and drug offense lawyer and his 17 years of experience serving members of the community, visit this law firm online, and call (513) 503-7251 to schedule an appointment.

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