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5 Benefits FasTracKids' Preschool Program Provides August 6, 2019

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
5 Benefits FasTracKids' Preschool Program Provides, Brooklyn, New York

Attending preschool is an important part of early childhood development. That’s why many people start researching options as soon as their little ones start to walk and talk. New York City parents who want to prepare their kids for academic success enroll them in the comprehensive program at FasTracKids in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. To understand why this is the best choice for your child, read below.   

Reasons to Enroll Your Child in FasTracKids’ Preschool

1. Effective Learning Philosophy

The educators utilize the Montessori early learning philosophy. Kids are encouraged to learn and explore independently through education-based play instead of teacher-led instruction. When interacting with other students, kids fulfill the role of both learner and teacher. This aids social development and creative thinking. After play, kids put back the learning materials in the designated areas, which teaches accountability and self-discipline.  

2. State-of-the-Art Technology

Preschool-aged children are digital natives. That’s why the FasTrack Explorers’ curriculum, for ages 2 to 4, uses interactive technology to aid their intellectual growth. Through the Educational Zigzagging℠ method, concepts are reinforced through repetitive learning, with alterations to how information is presented so kids don’t get bored. Concepts are presented as multimedia videos, sounds, and illustrations on the FasTrack Learning Station®. Kids can interact with the elements on the display screen. 

3. Well-Rounded Education

Brooklyn-New-York-preschoolFasTracKids’ preschool program provides youngsters with a solid introduction to STE(A)M curriculum. Participating in activities helps children develop their interests, expand their creativity, boost communication and collaboration skills, and build confidence. The math, reading, and critical-thinking skills they develop provide a solid foundation for kindergarten preparedness and test preparation.

4. Trustworthy Teachers

When you drop your child off, you can trust they will remain safe in the classroom. The educators adhere to a nut-free policy and take other food sensitivities seriously to prevent dangerous accidents. During drop-off and pick-up, students are only released to adults as specified on the morning sign-in sheets. All toys, gym equipment, and surfaces are cleaned each day to prevent germs from spreading.  

5. Reputation

FasTracKids in Williamsburg is part of a large network of learning centers found throughout the world. Since 1998, the organization has focused on providing children with the tools to become future leaders in whatever fields they choose. The multisensory approach is designed to keep youngsters engaged while they learn.

To ensure your child can reap the rewards participation in FasTracKids’ preschool program provides, call (347) 987-4450 to discuss enrollment opportunities with a representative. Visit them online for a list of upcoming events.