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Do's & Don'ts for Preventing Neck Pain While Sleeping August 15, 2019

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Do's & Don'ts for Preventing Neck Pain While Sleeping, North Pole, Alaska

A good night’s rest is integral to a healthy and happy life. On the other hand, an improper sleep posture can contribute to neck pain and stiffness, which will leave you feeling grumpy in the morning. Fortunately, you can correct sleep issues with these tips. 


Choose the right pillow. 

A bulky pillow will bend your neck in an uncomfortable upward angle, while a flat one will bow your head back. Both will result in aches. For the most comfortable results, choose a pillow that allows your head to lie level and in line with your spine. 

Take care of any sleep problems.

Studies show that people who experience insomnia have issues with chronic pain. While people in pain are unable to get a good night’s sleep, it’s also true that a sleepless night increases pain perception. Break the cycle by getting to the root of your sleepless nights. 


neck painSleep on your stomach.

Stomach sleepers tend to experience neck pain frequently because their heads are turned in either direction for hours. Sleeping on your back or side is easier on your neck.

Forget neck stretches. 

Poor posture causes pain, which can follow you into bed at night. Neck stretches before bed will make you more pliable, which can help you get a better night’s sleep. While standing perpendicular to a wall, raise your arm above your head and hold the position. Then place your palm against the wall to steady yourself. Turn your head away from the wall, angle your chin down, and hold the stretch for half a minute.


North Pole Chiropractic will help you address neck pain and stiffness. Dr. Jack Harrison, D.C., and his chiropractic health team use safe and proven methods to help Alaskan patients feel their best, including joint and spine manipulation, massage, physical therapy, and nutritional counseling. Learn more about their neck pain treatments by visiting the website. You can also call (907) 488-1885 to schedule an appointment today.

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