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How to File a Successful Travel Insurance Claim August 16, 2019

Glastonbury, Hartford County
How to File a Successful Travel Insurance Claim, Glastonbury, Connecticut

If you have to cancel an upcoming vacation, but you had the foresight to purchase travel insurance, you may be wondering how to file a claim. While the specific steps you must take will depend on the insurer’s protocol, there are some general tips that apply to most scenarios. Here are a few of the most important steps to keep in mind when seeking funds for a canceled trip. 

3 Tips for Filing a Claim With Your Travel Insurer  

1. Confirm Your Coverage

It’s wise to review the terms of your travel insurance policy before actually filing a claim. This will ensure you don’t waste time or effort pursuing compensation for a loss that's not actually covered. Pay close attention to exceptions in your contract that might benefit you. If you can’t determine whether the specific scenario is covered, or whether a loophole might apply to your situation, call your travel insurance agent to go over the policy in detail. 

2. Document Everything 

travel insuranceRegardless of the particular circumstances, the insurer is going to ask for all kinds of documents. To streamline the claims process, try to anticipate the records and receipts they’ll most likely request, and store them in a safe place. Examples include medical records, police reports, resort contracts, and unused airline tickets. You should make sure that these documents are dated to ensure usability. 

3. File Quickly 

Depending on why you had to cancel the trip, there may be a lot to do in the aftermath. Most insurers give claimants 90 days or less to file a claim. Therefore, it’s smart to give your provider a call as soon as you realize the trip will be canceled or interrupted. 


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