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Why Tap Water Tastes Different Wherever You Go August 14, 2019

Lake St. Louis, St. Charles
Why Tap Water Tastes Different Wherever You Go, Lake St. Louis, Missouri

When you travel, you’ve likely noticed peculiar differences in the tap water of each destination. Even water from neighboring towns and cities carry a distinct flavor and scent. So what makes it vary so widely everywhere you go? To help you understand these discrepancies, the guide below explores what factors determine the taste of your tap.

What Makes Tap Water Different


Where your tap comes from plays a significant role in its final flavor. Some homes utilize private wells, while others rely on local municipalities for water from lakes, rivers, or the ground. These individual sources contain varying proportions of trace minerals that naturally make their way into the water, such as copper or iron. Municipalities disinfect it before it is distributed to ensure it is safe to drink and use. Treatments include a diverse mix of chemicals like chlorine to combat contaminants specific to the area. These elements combine to affect the overall taste and smell of your tap.


Municipal water has a long way to travel waterbefore it reaches your faucets, and on the way, it must push through a series of underground pipes. The age and condition of these vessels alter the taste and quality of your water. Faulty plumbing and old pipes in and around your home will have similar effects. If you get your tap from a well, minerals from the surrounding soil can seep in and cause an unpleasant odor and flavor.


Despite the safety of municipal water treatments, it is difficult for towns and cities to guarantee palatability. From home, there are many additional ways to enhance the quality and taste of your tap. Water treatment systems, purifiers, and filters are all popular methods for homeowners in eliminating contaminants and obtaining clean, clear water.


Are you tired of buying bottles to avoid drinking from your tap? Come to Holmes Water Treatment of Wentzville, MO, to find the right solutions for your water quality problems. Serving homeowners and businesses in the St. Charles, St. Peters, and Warrenton area, they specialize in custom treatment systems. Their efficient filters and purification systems will benefit the health of your family, the longevity of water-dependent appliances, and the taste of your tap. Learn more about their products online. To discuss your residential treatment needs with a representative, call (636) 327-6404.

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