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3 Pointers for Franchise Owners Training Real Estate Agents October 3, 2019

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3 Pointers for Franchise Owners Training Real Estate Agents, Downers Grove, Illinois

One of the perks of working with a real estate agency that allows for franchising is the ability to grow your own branch of an already established brand name. When it comes time to shine, though, training new agents might not be as easy as you were expecting. If you’re hoping to instill dedication and wisdom in your aspiring agents, the following tips will help.

3 Tips for Training Real Estate Agents

1. Encourage Them to Keep Looking Forward

As opposed to other forms of sales, real estate is all about the long game. While you might not be able to land a deal in one conversation on the street, you have to work your way toward a profit over the course of weeks or months. Teach your agents that the purchase funnel all starts with awareness. Once potential clients are aware of their services, they can narrow the list down to those who are actually interested in using them, followed by those with an urgent desire to get started. Finally, they can zero in on the clients that are ready to take action and buy property.

2. Don’t Underestimate Communication Skills

real estateIn younger generations, anxiety about face-to-face communication is more prevalent, perhaps because they came of age when virtual connections were emerging. However, to sell property, your agents will need to know how to connect with their clients in person as well as digitally. While you might assume this topic can be skipped over, don’t forget to touch on the basics of communication in the industry—it all starts with gauging the individual’s personality and using that intuitive information to appeal to their wants and needs.

3. Include a Section on Technology

On the other hand, you may have some aspiring agents that aren’t comfortable using technology in their work life. However, in today’s real estate industry, almost all property information is accessed online. Most importantly, you’ll have to teach your new agents how to use a multiple listing system (MLS), the famous database featuring thousands of local property listings.


Whether you’re a real estate franchise owner or a hopeful agent, the industry has plenty of rewards for you to reap. That’s why EXIT Realty Upper Midwest is always happy to meet new agents and entrepreneurs looking to take their career to the next level. With their in-depth and continuing training courses, plus profitable sponsorships, there are plenty of ways to become successful in the EXIT Realty family. For more information on this trusted company, visit the website or call 651-505-3570 today.

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