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4 Common Places Mold Can Grow in Your Home August 16, 2019

4 Common Places Mold Can Grow in Your Home, Cincinnati, Ohio

Mold is common in many households, but it often goes undetected until it creates an unpleasant musty smell or begins affecting indoor air quality. It can thrive in any moist environment, even in places that aren’t visible. To keep your home free of mold, conduct regular mold inspections in areas where it’s likely to grow. Finding it early enough will help not only prevent health problems but also damage to the structural integrity of your home. Here are just a few of the most common spots vulnerable to mold growth.

Where to Look for Mold Inside Your Home

1. Around the Bathroom

Since mold develops in damp, humid conditions, inspect the bathroom for mold. If your bathroom ventilation isn’t ideal, the chances of your finding mold under the sink, around the toilet, in the shower, and on the walls, floor, and ceiling increase. To keep mold spores away, consistently wipe wet surfaces down, use a dehumidifier, and fix leaky pipes right away. 

2. Windowsills 

mold inspectionWindowsills are highly susceptible to mold because they’re exposed to condensation year-round. Unless your windows are open, there isn’t enough airflow inside to evaporate the moisture that collects on sills. Dirt buildup in the vertical tracks of windows also feeds mold spores and allows them to flourish. Avoid this by drying windowsills and cleaning out all their grooves.

3. Air Conditioners  

When your AC unit operates, it produces condensation. It also pulls in dirt and allergens into your home. Dirt plus allergens and water create the ideal environment for mold growth. If your air conditioner sits idle for any length of time, there’s more potential for mold to form. Turn it on for a few minutes each day. However, if you think your AC already has mold, call for a professional mold inspection before running it.

4. Carpets 

Any time your carpets get wet—when moisture from concrete floors seeps into carpet pads, a doorway floods during heavy rainfall, or your pet has an accident—mold may take root. To keep carpets in mold-free condition, vacuum every week, wipe up spills immediately, keep wet shoes off the carpet, and periodically having your carpeting professionally cleaned.


If you’ve seen or suspect mold is growing in your home, don’t wait to contact Rainbow Environmental Services. Backed by nearly 30 years of industry experience, they’re qualified to provide residents of Cincinnati, OH, with thorough mold inspections and efficient removal services. You can count them to use the latest tools and technology to keep your family safe from all the dangers mold presents. Call (513) 624-6470 to discuss your concerns, or visit their website to learn more about how they can serve you.

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